Malaysia; Penang’s Rifle Range Morning Market for breakfast

Hi.. sorry for deviating from my Taiwan’s Tainan history walk. Well.. thought I change the site for this one posting before I go back to my 2nd Day walk in Tainan.

Rifle Range? Well. it is no  more one (but it used to be). It is one the most densely populated area in Penang Island. Built back in 1969. It was also the 1st country low cost high rise accommodation.

There are total 9 blocks of 17-storey buildings within an area of 16.7ha, with every floor consisting of 20 units of single bedrooms and four two bedroom units.

That total up to a 3,888 units within the flats, the average size of a unit is merely 340 sq ft! So can also imagine the number of cars and motorbikes in these area. A Penangites can tell you if you choose to park your car near the flats in the evening, the chances of your car being blocked by other cars is almost 100%!!

But lately they have improved the parking system and also the flow is much better. Yup, you can say that its been a while since I was here (more like a few years ago)

They have also repainted the blocks and it does look more eye pleasing as compared to before.



Ok enough. Let get to the interesting part. To get to the food court, I have to go through the wet market and then a long alley passing small stalls on both side selling from clothes to accessories. Lots of things to looks at and also the prices are reasonable too.

Me walking through……



Stall selling clothes….



After going through….. then we are at the food court. Yup a long alley of food court with lots of food choice to pick from under 1 roof; chinese food, malay food, Indian food  and hawker food.



so, what do you like to eat?



Looks at the crowd. Most of the tables were taken up. You can order and they will deliver the food to your table.


This stall is selling nasi lemak (coconut rice) with a small fired fish for Rm1.20 (used to be rm1.00). Heard that this stall has been selling for more than 20 years here (or maybe even more).



This was the stall I stopped by to have my breakfast.



This is their mee suah kor…. and yes, it is indeed yummy!!! To me, it is as good the one famous in Taiwan.



Dry char hor fun….



This was some side fried snacks which I bought from a food vendor nearby. Nice and crispy.



This is a place I would come again for breakfast and also to do some shopping as parking has improved so much. Oh yes… the wet market also sell fresh seafood at a very much reasonable price as compared to other area of Penang Island. =)

16 thoughts on “Malaysia; Penang’s Rifle Range Morning Market for breakfast

  1. These look delicious! And so cheap… We recently went to Singapore and were amazed at getting a meal for 2 for 3sgd, 75 English pennies each! Last time I was in Penang was 1965… Before the rifle range building was built….!

    • Well… food will be definitely cheaper in Msia if compared to Spore as Msia currency exchange to Spore is 1sgd = rm2.50. So, if you come to Msia, it will be a food heaven. =)
      Wow… 1965!! I wasn’t even born yet. Guess, you should drop in Msia again as it has definitely (BIG) change since 1965.

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