Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (6)

Hi!! Guess you must be wondering 3 postings for a day’s walk in Bangkok city. Well, yes finally this is the final posting for this series and also the end of my trip in Bangkok, Thailand.

Still walking in the Central World shopping complex, I saw this big huge words in the concourse area; ‘LOVE”. What a sight! =)

20140501-021247 pm.jpg

Outside Central World, another shrine can be seen.

20140501-021250 pm.jpg

A shot from the pedestrian  overhead bridge across Ratchadamri Road. Surprised to see the traffic so smooth. =)

20140501-021256 pm.jpg

A random shot of one the building I saw on the side of the Bangkok street when I was on my way to the Suvarnabhumi Airport; Bangkok International airport.

20140501-021300 pm.jpg

Lovely architecture in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

20140501-021304 pm.jpg

20140501-021309 pm.jpg

Lovely decoration they had when I was there at that time.

20140501-021314 pm.jpg

20140501-021318 pm.jpg

20140501-021322 pm.jpg

So.. this is the end of my series in Bangkok, Thailand. Hope you enjoyed it. So you must be asking where’s next? Well.. if you want to know, then follow me on my blog and you will find out.  =)