Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (3)

Hi! It’s my last day in Bangkok for this series. Where did I head to before catching my jetplane back? I guess you guessed it.. it’s Patpong district. Yes, the famous red light area but I wanted to see how it is in the morning instead. =)

As usual, getting around Bangkok was either by foot or BTS (and some say bike or tuk tuk). I stuck to the conventional transport. Haha.

Stop at Shilom MRT Station and started walking. Guess… it was always (and will always be) the best way to see the places walking around. That’s my concept. =)

Lots of over heads bridges to cater for the traffic in Bangkok. Cars motorbikes everywhere.

20140501-020719 pm.jpg

Near the Shilom MRT station is a park; Lumphini Park where I saw locals doing their morning walk and no I did not walk the whole park. =P LOL!!

20140501-020725 pm.jpg

The park is surrounded (nearly 360 degree) by modern concrete jungle.

20140501-020731 pm.jpg

Walking further down Ratchadamri Rd (hmmmm.. that sounds familiar. Yes… it is a long road and it passes through Central World shopping plaza and complex which I posted in my previous posting)

Near by is the BTS Sala Daeng station which is on the BTS Shilom Line where you can also catch the train to get to the Patpong district.

20140501-020737 pm.jpg

Walking down the street in Patpong district in the morning was totally different hive of activities.

20140501-020743 pm.jpg

Of course, it is also not as packed at compared to the night as seen from the picture below.

20140501-020754 pm.jpg

Lots of sign boards sticking out from the shops.

20140501-020759 pm.jpg

Ending here? Hell no!! LOL! More walking along this district in my next post. Stay tune… =)


14 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (3)

  1. That is a wonderful series, thanks for this angle.
    I have been living in KL and trying to walk (with the persistent obstination of somebody that had been living in Paris for more of ten years…) but at some point i had to resign(oh , how hard it feels to type the word resign) that very soon you hit here a highway and have to turn your heels…
    It is interesting that KL has been built with a similar, though not identical, crisscrossing of highways. Unfortunately this makes you feel walking in the belly of a giant robot in those central areas particularly congested, it is as if you are always inside a metallic-concrete cave.

  2. I love the processing in your photos, the sepia and black-and-white tones. Gives an old, rustic feel about Bangkok…which it is, like Malaysia’s Petaling Street. The resemblance looks uncanny, according to my eyes.

    • Thanks again! Well… sadly to Petaling Street is not more like it used to be 20 yrs ago as it is now crowded with lots of foreigner opening stalls there instead of the locals. So it is local that local feel. When was the last time you were there?

      • I was last in KL around one and a half years ago, so not too long ago. You’re right, I spotted quite a few foreigner run stores, though they weren’t being very pushy in their sales tactics. Maybe it’s because I looked like a local.

        • oohh.. that’s not too long ago. Yup, I believe you are right. They would not want to waste time on locals. Guess their target is western foreigners or foreigners as they would not know the difference. So was that your last time you were back in Msia?

          • well.. that’s even a better reason to travel. =)

            I m doing ok. Also busy with work but I have plans to travel again end of the year to cool off. So now, doing my detail planning and preparations. =)

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