Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (1)

Thanks for staying with me. If you are new here, welcome to my blog page. This is my 3rd series of my posting on my trip to Thaliand; Bangkok way back in 2008. If you have missed my earlier series, pls feel free to visit them and hope you enjoy reading them. =)

Ok… coming back here, this series is on my walk about in Bangkok  city literally down the street (not whole but part of Bangkok) by foot and also by MRT after my trip on Chao Phraya river cruise.

It was already evening and we took the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) to Siam Center using the BTS – Sukhumvit line.

A view from the BTS Chitlom station where the Erawan Shrine is located. More on that later.

20140501-020317 pm.jpg


We walked around the Chitlom area and you will be surprised to see stalls along the alleys.

Aren’t they colourful? Can’t remember what are they (been too long. LOL!)

20140501-020325 pm.jpg


More food……

20140501-020346 pm.jpg


Our simple dinner…

20140501-020355 pm.jpg

20140501-020401 pm.jpg


Their famous dessert; thap thim krop

20140501-020407 pm.jpg


Walking back along Ratchadamri Rd on the elevated pedestrian walk.

20140501-020413 pm.jpg


Stayed tune for more on my series on walking down Bangkok streets.

25 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok; Walking down the streets (1)

    • well .. it would usually have slices jackfruit, water chestnut cut in small cubes and coated with tapioca flour (they are cooked in hot water so that it become transparent looking) and mix with coconut milk. Some will add in sago too. It is simply delicious. =)

    • Hi! Yup. If you notice, Thai dessert are really colourful. Thap Thim Krop is unlike ABC. It is actually small cut of cubes water chestnut coated with tapioca flour and cooked in boiled water till it floats up. and then mixed with santan juice (with a pinch of salt) along with jackfuit and cube of ices. =) So, can yo imagine how it taste now? hehe. P.S I have cooked this before and it is really simple to do.

      • The Thap Thim Krop sounds much more healthier than ABC. It must taste both sweet and sour. It sounds like a refreshing dessert for a hot day. If I were to make it, I would put a lot of santan kelapa in it. Is this the santan you use?

        • Yes, santan here is the santan kelapa. =); pressed from the shredded old coconut white fresh inside.

          mmm well.. one has santan kelapa and the other doesn’t. but at the end .. both are tasty in their own ways especially on a very hot day. HAHA!! Thap thim krop is more of a sweet dessert. There is no sour taste (unless your santan is spoilt. LOL!!)

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