Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (4)

Welcome back on my series ‘Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya’. Let’s get going…..

Moving away from the river bank after visiting the Wat Sam Phraya Worawihan , we took a tuk tuk ride around the area before heading to the Grand Palace.

Passed the Democracy Monument which was located in the middle of a round-about.

20140501-014642 pm.jpg

20140501-014652 pm.jpg

We stopped at a food market near the Grand Palace and had a short walk about.

A smile from food vendor….

20140501-014703 pm.jpg

Deep fried fish, anyone?

20140501-014711 pm.jpg

Fresh fruit drinks to choose from. Good to have on a hot day. =)

20140501-014727 pm.jpg

Walking in from theย  Gate of Glorious Victory into the Grand Palace compound. Lots of visitors and tourists everywhere.

20140501-014742 pm.jpg

Temple of Emerald Buddha ahead…..

20140501-014752 pm.jpg

More picture on my next series. Stay tune for them. =)

12 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (4)

  1. The markets look really interesting and so does the Grand Palace. Packed with locals and tourists, I’m not surprised. I guess that’s where the cool people hang. How was the tuk tuk ride? I thought you’d talk about that more but you didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

    • haha.. yup. Guess all the touristy areas are always filled with people else it will not be called a tourist area. LOL!!! wow.. you remembered and I forgotten about it.

      In fact… most of the tuk tuk i heard are paid by shops eg jewelry or suit shop to bring customers to their shop after they pick them up. When you get on the tuk tuk… they will bring you and half way… they will give some excuse saying that they need to put petrol in their tuk tuk and while they get their tank ‘pump’ up they say they can drop us in a place and have a look while he goes out to pump. Some are direct and tell you that they will get vouchers from the shop if we just go in the shop and have a look. That’s ok but the worst part is after we visited these places and wanted to go the other places.. he will give excuses that he cant go there. So.. it was one experience I encountered in Bangkok. Next time have to be stern and only pay him if he bring us to the place we want to go else we will not go in.

      • Thanks for sharing your tuk tuk experience. I had no idea they had dealings under the table with stalls all over the place. Sounds like when the tuk tuk driver stops to pump up the tank, he will take his own sweet time. That is not nice of them if they refuse to take you to your desired destination. Maybe they don’t know the way, but it’s unlikely and you get ripped off.

        But I guess making a living in Thailand is quite hard for a lot of the people there, so some people have to resort to these measures to make money.

        • Yup. It is part of a living. Guess it happens everywhere but more predominantly in Asia countries. Guess we just have to read more ahead of time so that we are more aware and alert on these tricks before we land in a particular country . =)

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