Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (3)

Welcome  back! Still on the ferry. Hang on… we will be soon getting off. So stay close. =)

This is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan or in short, Wat Arun which mean Temple of Dawn taken from the ferry. Dun worry.. we will be heading there soon but at later posting. =)

20140501-014405 pm.jpg

Moving away….

20140501-014413 pm.jpg

A short stop at the Maharaj pier to drop and pick up passengers.

20140501-014427 pm.jpg

Ahead is the Pa Lam8 bridge; one the many bridges across the Chao Phraya river.

20140501-014434 pm.jpg

A further view of Wat Arun….

20140501-014442 pm.jpg

We decided it was time to get some exercise. We hopped of at Prat Kret pier and started walking.

Nearby the pier, we visited the Wat Sam Praya Worawihan.

20140501-014458 pm.jpg

View inside the temple. Devotees going in and giving offering and prayers.

20140501-014513 pm.jpg

More walking ahead. so.. stay close and enjoy the walk around the area near the river bank.

14 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok; Ride down River Chao Phraya (3)

  1. Beautiful photos! Going down the Chao Phraya was one of my favourite experiences in Bangkok. It’s really cool seeing all the temples scattered along the riverside… and the houses from different social walks next to each other, very eye-opening.

    • well I cant say now as I am not there physically but I know friends who are still travelling to Thailand. Guess it is just certain area in Bangkok that you have to be careful and the other is curfew time.

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