Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (5)

More? Yup, there more on Amphawa floating market in Thailand.  Like it so far?

Anyway, now we heading across the bridge to the other side of the canal to check out the happenings over there.

Sight of an old building as crossing the bridge over the canal.

20140413-090943 pm.jpg

View from the top of the bridge down to the canal.

20140413-090955 pm.jpg

More food. Anyone knows what’s this?

20140413-091009 pm.jpg

There are lots more of food choices here and  the other side. Guess there were way too many to choose from (and also limitation to my stomach storage too. =P )

20140413-091018 pm.jpg

20140413-091026 pm.jpg

This looks like some sweet dessert.

20140413-091040 pm.jpg

20140413-091049 pm.jpg

20140413-091110 pm.jpg

If any of reader out there who knows what they are, please do be kind enough to educate me as I would like to know their names.

Stay tune for my last part of my Amphawa Floating Market series before I head to my new series. =)


20 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (5)

  1. No idea what those street food are. Most of them are fried…but that’s the case with most street food. Maybe it’s easier to make than steamed food by the roadside. And they are very colourful too, like one of your photos show. Did you try anything?

    • There were too many to try and just only one stomach. LOL!!! I did try a few but can’t remember which one as it has been ages. Would definitely try others if I am there or in Thailand again. =)

      • Lol, if I’m up for spending, I always go to markets with an empty stomach. Those pieces of fried food don’t look too big anyway, so I’m sure you stomached more than you thought =D Maybe Malaysia does sell some of that in Petaling Street, who knows.

        • haha.. A matter of fact I did go to the market w empty stomach but.. it was just too much. LOL!! I believe so but the food in Petaling street is definitely different from Bangkok. Nothing beat the food from the original place. Eg. Imagine eating char kuew teow in bangkok and eating it in Penang. Sure got different. Nothing beats the original. haha.

          • Oh yes, eating char kuew teow in different places is always a different experience. Order a dish of that in Melbourne, it always comes out sweet…Maggi Goreng is also sweet here. To be honest, I’m not a total fan of char kuew teow. For me, Hainanese chicen rice is the best.

          • oo… I still remember cooking Hainanese chicken rice when I was studying in Melb. The food I like in Melb was Vietnamese. That always brings me good mouth watering memories. LOL!! yum yum….

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