Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (4)

Hi! I am still at Amphawa Floating Market. Walking along the canal with eyes wide open (technically speaking. LOL!!) and camera ready is one thing you must do. Too many action and activities to shot. Ok.. back to the posting.

Along there, you cant miss the local colourful handmade decoration lay out on a table.

20140413-090651 pm.jpg

Seen here, a local squatting at the side of the canal to order her food.

20140413-090700 pm.jpg

Another view from the canal. Boat prying up and down the canal.

20140413-090716 pm.jpg

and another…

20140413-090726 pm.jpg

More handmade souvenirs.

20140413-090742 pm.jpg

The sight of the boat vendors along the canal does catch my eye and you can help it to see all kind of daily activities happening around. All the buzz. =)

20140413-090753 pm.jpg

20140413-090807 pm.jpg

20140413-090817 pm.jpg

Anyway…. I am only half way through this place. More pictures to share in my coming postings. Stay tune.


18 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (4)

  1. I’ve always wondered how many people have attempted to unlawfully take a small handcrafted souvenier away without paying for it at markets like the one in your photo. It wouldn’t be very good business for those handicraft sellers if it rained all the time. Looks like you went there on a cloudy, not too blazing hot day!

    • well… i am not sure about that but I know i do not want to end up in the wrong hands in a foreign country for sure. I was kinda lucky that day. In fact it was blazing hot earlier and.. I dun recall it was cloudy though. =)

      • From your photos, it really does not look hot. But I would rather walk under the hot sun than walk through freezing winds. So Thailand would be a great place for me to visit sometime.

          • You would love it here in Melbourne right now. Single digits degree at night. Too cold for my liking anyway and everyone is sneezing around me. But it has been warmer than usual in the day than the past years.

          • wow.. nice!! Over here.. it is damn hot and humid. It’s hitting the 36C. It is like an oven in the house and to make matter worse… you are all sticky with sweat even just sitting and doing nothing.

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