Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (3)

Great! You are still with me. Thanks!  =)

More food and sight of the Amphawa floating Market as we walk along the canal (while bumping with the locals and tourists)

Some of the dishes that I managed to order and enjoy.

20140413-090405 pm.jpg

Food seller selling pickled fruits….

20140413-090414 pm.jpg

Boats vendors lining up while waiting for customers to order food from them.

20140413-090424 pm.jpg

Mass of locals and tourist walking…. more like squeezing their way through.

20140413-090444 pm.jpg

Colourful Thai desserts to choose from…

20140413-090454 pm.jpg

.. colourful souvenirs to choose and buy.

20140413-090509 pm.jpg

You also can pick from those hanging on the walkway…….

20140413-090523 pm.jpg

More to choose from.

20140413-090535 pm.jpg

Interesting? Well… more to come. This is not even close to the end yet. =P


21 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Amphawa Floating Market (3)

  1. So how do you assess good dishes before ordering or someone who is cooking decent, as you walk/observe from shore?

    How does their pricing compared to street food vendors?

    • Well.. I will not know whether the dishes are good or not until I try it (if it is the 1st time). As you know, looks can sometimes be deceiving (eg like durian or smelly tofu) . If it is the 2nd or 3rd time, then one is able to tell which is stall is nicer or not. To me, at least I will try it once it is looks attractive or appealing. I usually will try to stick to the cook ones especially if I am traveling as you do not want to down with a stomach bug.

      For prices, I will not be able to compare them as it is my 1st time so… to me, to savor and enjoy the taste is the priority first. If I have been long enough and know my food, then only comes the best vendor and price on the same food. =)

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