Thailand; Bangkok – King Rama II Memorial Park @ Amphawa (1)

Back with me? That’s good. We still have more to go and more places to see (and  eat too!) Where are we heading to if you may ask?

Well, we will continue to Amphawa which is a village West of Bangkok, close to Samut Songkhram. Canal-side way in Amphawa is a way of life and takes place along the waterfront walkways of Amphawa Canal, a small tributary of the Mae Khlong River. During weekend, locals and also tourist will flock here for the evening floating market. Big queues emerge along the canal’s bridges and walkways market. More on this in my next series (now you know my next series, right? hint! hint!)

A bit of summary of this series. In the Ayutthaya Period, Amphawa was called Khwaeng Bang Chang and it was a small community that flourished in agriculture and trade. King Rama II was born in Amphawa, his mother’s hometown, as his father was ruling the town of Ratchaburi. At his probable birthplace is now the King Rama II Memorial Park which we will be heading too.

On the way to Amphawa, we stopped at the handicraft center. They specialized in (cute) miniature figurines from…

Cute little Muay Thai boxers ….

20140413-074334 am.jpg

to cute little small and colourful food

20140413-074351 am.jpg

Aren’t they adorable?

20140413-074404 am.jpg

Outside the Handicraft center, they have lots of flowers and orchids. So, if you are a flower lover, you will definitely enjoy the view.

20140413-074427 am.jpg

20140413-074442 am.jpg

20140413-074455 am.jpg

20140413-074506 am.jpg

Lovely right? Well… if you like what you see .. then keep following me. =)


15 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – King Rama II Memorial Park @ Amphawa (1)

  1. So nice to see your visit a handicraft-flower centre. This sort of place usually gets overlooked by many who go to new places. Those are great shots of the flowers, very vivid and bright. Are the flowers real? They must be the “see but no touch” variety in he centre 😀 Did you buy any hndicrafts? Usually I try not to spend too much on souvenirs as they can cost quite a bit.

    • Well.. to tell you the truth I prefer to enjoy the scenery, nature and landscape then shopping. Like you said, these places are not cheap and usually cater more for tourist. Haha.. nope. I did not buy. I prefer to spend my money on local food. Flowers? Yup they are 100% real. Actually you can touch and smell them as it is a more like botanical garden. Locals and tourist come here to enjoy an evening walk and enjoy the fresh smell of the many flowers here. =)

      • I too don’t like to spend trips shopping. Sight-seeing is definitely more appealing as really, you don’t know what to expect. With shopping, you can do that anywhere, anytime…unless you want traditional clothing of some sort from that country. I’m not a huge fan of flowers because of my allergies. I can look at them, but smell them, maybe not 🙂

        • IC. Well I just like looking at them but not well verse though. I prefer building, scenery and looking the locals mingle in their daily life. HAHA.. my fav place to visit when I go to a new place is their wet market (if they have). I dun mind getting my feet wet.

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