Thailand; Bangkok – Visit the Tree Temple, Samut Songkhram Province

My journey in Thailand continues. Leaving Wat Nong Hoi Temple, we headed to another temple in the Samut Songkram district in the Amphawa province. This temple is not in a building but within a tree or I can say covered with large trees. It is the Tree Temple or famously known as Wat Bang Kong Temple.

The main attraction is the chapel overgrown by Banyan trees including the sacred Bodhi tree where the roots are so thick that almost completely cover the building. So it is hardly recognizable any building there except except from the behind.

20140402-103922 pm.jpg

20140402-103927 pm.jpg

The chapel is normally know as Bot Prok Pho, ordination hall covered by Bodhi tree, even though the actual name of it is Bot Luangpho Dam. There is a large Buddha statue, where mostly every visitor will come to pray and place incense sticks and rubbing gold leaves.

20140402-103933 pm.jpg

Another view from the outside with large Banyan tree roots engulfing the temple.

20140402-103937 pm.jpg

20140402-103942 pm.jpg

Aside from the temple, next to it was the camp of king Taksin during an attack by the Burmese army in 1768 know as Bang Kung Camp.

20140402-103947 pm.jpg

The camp is still considered a symbolic bastion of Thai warrior strength. This is evidenced today by a statue of King Taksin flanked by life-size statues of Chinese warriors.

Dozens of life-size statues of Thai kick-boxers can been seen on the grounds in different Muay Thai moves.

20140402-103951 pm.jpg

20140402-103956 pm.jpg

Enjoying is so far? Well.. no time for rest. Now heading to the next destination……..


9 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Visit the Tree Temple, Samut Songkhram Province

  1. Seems like you’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand. Love the photos and narration so far, looking forward to seeing what’s next. That temple looks rather intimidating with all those roots over it, but I’m sure it’s one of a kind in the world. Hope you watched your step and didn’t trip over any roots or branches!

    • Not sure whether 4 days 3 nights is your definition of lot of time in Bangkok and these areas. LOL!!! Yup… that’s was the period I was in Thailand the whole time. =P Guess.. I took quite a lot of photos when I was in these places. I still got more on Bangkok city itself coming. =) Stay tune.

      • 4 days isn’t a long trip, but it sounds like you packed in a lot in this short span of time. It even sounds like you didn’t sleep at all ;D I hope for a moment you put down your camera and took in Bangkok for what it was. From the exciting tone in your posts, I think you did!

        • haha.. yup, it is not a long trip. More like a ‘touch n go’ trip but I managed to ‘touch’ as many place as I can but if I have more time on my side, I will definitely see more places and eventually more photos too.. LOL!!! Yup.. more pictures coming….. =P

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