Thailand; Bangkok – Visit to a Fruit Orchard in Ratchaburi Province

After our visit to Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market (if you have missed it, do look at my earlier posting before this), we went to a fruit orchard in the Ratchaburi province. .

20140402-103417 pm.jpg

Grapes?? It was a nice sight as I never thought that I could find grapes in Thailand. Yes! In the Ratchaburi Province, you can find fruit orchard that grows grapes.

20140402-103423 pm.jpg

20140402-103428 pm.jpg

The other fruit that is famous here is the coconuts. Walking in the coconut orchard….

20140402-103435 pm.jpg

They are really low and you can literally pluck the coconuts from the trees.

20140402-103441 pm.jpg

20140402-103449 pm.jpg

Fresh coconut water right from the orchard…

20140402-103457 pm.jpg

…. they also have dragon fruits. Yup.. weird looking plant if you may say so.

20140402-103502 pm.jpg

Ok… enough ofΒ  the fruit orchard. Where off to now? Want to know…. then follow me on my next series of my journey in Bangkok.

11 thoughts on “Thailand; Bangkok – Visit to a Fruit Orchard in Ratchaburi Province

  1. Grapes! They look so juicy. Now, be honest with me. Did you pluck some and put them straight into your mouth? πŸ˜› I like grapes a lot. My favourite kind are the purple or red ones, I find them juicier than green ones.

    Also, did you take any of the coconuts away with you? Coconut juice tastes so refreshing in hot and humid weather like Malaysia. But if I’m not wrong, in Malaysia, coconuts are a bit expensive.

    • haha.. nah I did not. I was tempted but I didn’t. =P I like the seedless purple grapes. Yes, the greens ones I find a bit more sourish to my liking.

      Actually, I had fresh coconut water in the orchard. Freshly pluck from the tree and open there and then. You saw the picture with the guy opening the coconut, that’s on the spot service. =) A fresh young coconut can cost up to RM3 to Rm5. Not sure about in Thailand. Haha.. can’t really remember the cost.

      • I always buy seedless grapes. Can’t stand eating grapes with seed. When my teeth bites down hard on the seeds, a sour taste fills my mouth. Do not like this at all.

        Glad to hear that someone cracked open the coconut for you, for free, I hope. I reckon in Malaysia RM3-5 it’s still an okay price for a fresh coconut. I love it when the sellers include a spoon when we order coconuts. Scooping and eating the white flesh is so fun πŸ™‚

        • Yup… Agree with you on eating on the grapes with seed. Leaves a bitter taste.

          Haha.. yup it was great. Cant remember whether I was given a spoon or I had to use the straw to eat the flesh. LOL!!!

  2. These photos are great! Love the way you catch the colors and the natural light. It’s like you know the best moment to catch them. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow how fresh did the coconut juice taste?! I love coconut water, but it’s hard to find anything fresh in the States :'(.

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