Thailand – Bangkok, Visit to Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market (6)

Thanks for following me this far. This is my last part of this series; Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market.

Spending most of the time on boat going up and then back to the point where we got on was really fun.

More pictures from the boat…

20140331-114445 am.jpg

By now, it is already close to noon and lots of people and tourists…

20140331-114450 am.jpg

Look at the traffic!!!

20140331-114454 am.jpg

Not sure how the system works or even the rules… LOL!!!

20140331-114457 am.jpg

And here comes the food. Looks so yummy. Sorry but I cant remember much of them. Maybe you readers can help me out here? =)

20140331-114501 am.jpg

20140331-114505 am.jpg

20140331-114509 am.jpg

More food on the boat by the food vendors.

20140331-114515 am.jpg

20140331-114519 am.jpg

Hope you enjoy this trip. Wanna see more on my trip to Thailand? If yes, then stay tune and find out what’s next. =)

26 thoughts on “Thailand – Bangkok, Visit to Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Floating Market (6)

  1. Those boats look very cramped and small. Do they tip over easily and did you need an even number of people sitting on each side? The food looks like Malaysian food 😀

    • haha yup it was. I was kinda scared too and no life jackets. Like you said, it can roll either way and in you go into the murky water. LOL!! As for the food, it is still Asian food but it taste different from Malaysian food lor. =)

      • Now that must have been a very nervy boat ride. I suppose you all had to row or paddle in sync too! I assume your ride went well or else you’d have another exciting story to share :)) A lot of Asian dishes use similar vegetables, so maybe that’s why they look similar.

        • haha… we need not row the boat. lol!!! they had a motor at the back thhe boat. The only time the guy had to paddle was when there was heavy traffic in the canal… just like the streets in Bangkok. HAHA!!!!!

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