Taiwan – Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (2)

Continuation from my earlier posting….still on Kaohsiung; Kai Xuan Night Market.

Walking, along the ‘street’, we saw stalls selling so many choices of sweets and candies. If you have sweet tooth… it will become even sweeter. =)

20140112-103609 pm.jpg

Stopped at one of the food stall that caught my attention and also made my mouth water……

If I am not mistaken, it is shredded duck meat wrapped in soft steamed bun filled with slices vegetables and their special sauce.

20140112-103616 pm.jpg

20140112-103624 pm.jpg

20140112-103637 pm.jpg

This… I will definitely eat this one when I in Kaohsiong again. =)

20140112-103644 pm.jpg

Fried bun with lots of filling. I did not buy this but my colleague did. It looks appetizing too. Another item in my list that I will buy on my next trip.

20140112-103655 pm.jpg

20140112-103703 pm.jpg

20140112-103714 pm.jpg

More food pictures of the Kai-Xuan Night Market. Stay tune……

20 thoughts on “Taiwan – Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (2)

  1. All the food looks yummy! I have seen some semi-burger-soft-steamed buns being sold here in Melbourne. Haven’t come across a duck version but there are chicken katsu and soft shell crab ones, the second which I like a lot. I didn’t know some vendors in Taiwan wore face masks cooking the food. Interesting.

  2. Brilliant.. They have this buns in pop up street food venues at the moment they are called yum buns. Slightly smaller but tastes amazinggggggg in your mouth. The soft steamed buns so delicate but strong enough to hold a decent delicious filling.

  3. Great photos! So jealous of your travels! I noticed throughout your blog that you have some posts on Cali. Are you from here?

    • Thanks!! Pls dun be jealous. Guess I was lucky I got the chances but it is not always (I wish I could have more =P ).

      No. I am not from Cali but I was there for a short trip a few years back. I am from the other half of the world. =)

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