Taiwan – Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (1)

Hi!! Well I will be posting another night market walk about in Taiwan.

This was on my last trip to Taiwan in early January this year where I was in in Kaohsiung. This is the newest and also largest night market in Qianzhen District of Kaohsiung City ; Kai-Xuan Night Market. In fact, the other new night market is Jin-Zuan which is located next to Kai-Xuan Night Market (mmmm… how come I did not notice this. Well.. a good reason to visit there again to go to Jin-Zuan Night Market). Both the night market is covering over 320,000 sq feet!!

Getting there was not a problem. Just hop on the MRT and get down at Kai-Xuan station. Then .. it is a 10min walk to Kai-Xuan Night Market. If you are lazy to walk, they even offer a free shuttle bus just outside the Kai-Xuan MRT station.  =)

Upon reaching the night market, the place so well lighted up and so so many stalls; some say it is close to 1,000 stalls which offer visitors various foods, games and shopping opportunities. One distinct differentiation is the stalls are in 10 rows (if I remember correctly) where each rows may consist about 10 or more stalls per side. So it is like walking up and down the ‘street’ and it a street name for each. You can see the street plate at the beginning of each street.

Brightly lighted stalls….

20140112-103309 pm.jpg

games for kids and adults….

20140112-103322 pm.jpg

Anyone want deep fried locusts?

20140112-103336 pm.jpg

This one is nice…. deep fried century egg. =) yum yum!!!!

20140112-103346 pm.jpg

.. top with dried fish maw with sauce.

20140112-103359 pm.jpg

Deep fried octopus tentacles

20140112-103421 pm.jpg

cute cartoon clays for shoppers who would like to buy and …

20140112-103429 pm.jpg

do their own painting on it.

20140112-103438 pm.jpg

more? If yes, then follow me on my next posting on Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market.

27 thoughts on “Taiwan – Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (1)

  1. Thanks for liking my post earlier. I’ve been to many night markets in Taipei, but not Kaohsiung. It looks pretty much the same, but perhaps the food items are different? Have you been to Taipei night markets? Any difference?

    • Yup. Some of the food are different and some are the same type but taste different. Some you cant find in other other night in different cities.

      I have been to the night markets in Taipei, Hsinchu, Chungli, Fengjia and also in Kaohsiong.

        • Yes. In Penang, the fried oyster has more egg mixed in it and less potato starch, and also the chilli sauce is placed separately (separate bowl). In Taiwan, the potato starch is way much much more than the egg and also they pour the tomato sauce on top of it. So.. it gets kinda to soft and ‘soaky. I have not tried the HK fried oyster but I will if I go there again.

    • I quite like Kai-Xuan. More organize as compared to Liouhe Tourist Night Market (more for tourist). Jin Xuan Night Market (I hv yet to go to this one yet) is also next to Kai-Xuan Night Market. So you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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