Malaysia; Penang – A ferry trip across the Penang Straits.

Hi there! This post is long overdue … way overdue. It’s about a my trip from Penang island to the mainland Peninsular Malaysia across the South Straits or commonly know to the locals as Penang Straits.

As you would have known ( but it if you do not know), you can get to the island by 4 ways from mainland. 2 by road which is going across the Penang bridge or the 2nd Penang bridge (which is the longest in S.E.A; just opened on 1st Mar 2014) or you can fly in to Penang Island. And the 4th is, you can take the ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown, Penang island or vice versa. It will cost you rm7 per car and for a pedestrian is rm1.20 and rm0.60 if you are a student. You only have to pay one way; the trip to the island and it’s free if you take from island to mainland.

This time, I will be sharing on my trip by ferry across the South Straits. The journey takes about 20min. Here’s a brief history of the Penang ferry service. It is the oldest ferry service in Malaysia which connects Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth to Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay in George Town in Penang Island. There are total of 17 ferries but 9 of them has already retired.

Here’s a picture of the layout of the ferry.

20140310-100011 pm.jpg

A shot from inside the ferry on the lower deck overlooking the quay.

20140310-100018 pm.jpg

Another shot overlooking the island.

20140310-100023 pm.jpg

Cars park bumper to bumper. You are allowed to get out from your car once the ferry starts moving.

20140310-100029 pm.jpg

Sand ‘pit’.

20140310-100034 pm.jpg

Entry to the engine room but of course you are not allowed in.

20140310-100039 pm.jpg

A view looking at the mainland which you can Penang port.

20140310-100044 pm.jpg

Enjoyed the short trip with me on the ferry? Anyway…  stay tune and see what coming up next. =)

17 thoughts on “Malaysia; Penang – A ferry trip across the Penang Straits.

  1. I remember going to Penang a few years ago. Went by plane from KLIA. It was such a short flight, about 30 min I think. Most of the time the plane was turning on it’s side and the ocean was so close!

    • Wow.. scary le. It is even nicer view if the plane approaches the runway from the north.. if you are lucky you will be able to see both the Penang bridges. What plane did you take the last time? I usually fly between Subang and Penang with the Firefly Fokker ATR72-500.

      • Hmmm. It was definitely a budget airline where I walked on the tarmac to get on the plane. I think it was one of the well-known budget carriers i.e. Jetstar, AirAsia, Tiger. This was about 3-4 years ago. Pity, I only saw one of the bridges. Looking forward to hearing more of Penang from you, and I’ll share my experiences then 🙂

  2. Looks like one of the ferries from Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island (Canada) to the mainland at Caribou, Nova Scotia. But the views are certainly different, and the voyage on PEI is 4x as long.

  3. I’m really considering taking the ferry over to Japan from South Korea. People think I’m crazy for wanting to do it, but I think it will be a great adventure. Plus I am really interested in trying new things.

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