Malaysia – Penang; Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition (4)

Welcome back!! More on Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Art is Rubbish is Art’ Exhibition.

His artwork on the outside on the old walls of the bus depot compound……

Painting of 2 boys fooling around with the triangle cone…..

20140202-084244 pm.jpg

cute little painting of the doddle horse (yup thisĀ  is the year of the horse) above an old door

20140202-084317 pm.jpg

Another beautiful painting on the wall of what standing of an old building….

20140202-084420 pm.jpg

Shark’s fin made of pieces of papers..

20140202-084438 pm.jpg

Under the covering roof… another painting of a boy playing with the triangle cone….. with a rainbow at the background.

20140202-084525 pm.jpg

.. a close up shot.

20140202-084634 pm.jpg

mmmm… modern art. What do you think he trying to say?

20140202-084705 pm.jpg

One more posting on this…….. my last one on his theme ‘Art is rubbish is art’.