Malaysia – A Red Chinese New Year (4)

Guess you wanted more… and that’s why you are back. =)  Thanks for coming back here.

This is a cut out from a paper cutting of red paper. Can you see what is the picture they have cut out?

20140119-084232 pm.jpg

Open windows…..

20140119-084237 pm.jpg

… and old vintage Chinese bicycle. (this is something hard to find in Malaysia)

20140119-084243 pm.jpg

another showcase…. other part of old Chinese ‘mock up’ house

20140119-084249 pm.jpg

20140119-084255 pm.jpg

‘sunning’ the food under the ‘sun’

20140119-084301 pm.jpg

20140119-084310 pm.jpg

During that time when I was there, the mall also had arrange a lion dance performance to entertain the shoppers. You can see than the ‘lion’ was trying to cross a stream. Very interesting performance.

20140119-084316 pm.jpg

20140119-084322 pm.jpg

20140119-084327 pm.jpg

20140119-084335 pm.jpg

20140119-084340 pm.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Want more? Well.. keep following and you will find out. =)