Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (2)

This is my follow up of my post on Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (1) . By now, all the shopping malls and shops are in full force and ready for the Xmas shoppers with Xmas song blasting in the background. People busy window  shopping and looking for gifts or items on offers.

This is the final decoration up in one of the biggest shopping mall in South East Asia. Sights of giant ‘hot air balloons’ in the center of the concourse.

20131203-095733 pm.jpg

Very colourful sight indeed….

20131203-095740 pm.jpg

They even have wooden rocking horses all around for the kids to sit and ride while their parents take photos.

20131203-095746 pm.jpg

More shots…..

20131203-095753 pm.jpg

20131203-095759 pm.jpg

From the 2nd floor looking down. People walking on the ‘map’ of the ‘ancient world’

20131203-095807 pm.jpg

Lots of colourful stuff toys for sale……

20131203-095835 pm.jpg

and.. more. Guess kids (and adults too) love all these.

20131203-095841 pm.jpg

Xmas wishing from the big fellas…….

20131203-095847 pm.jpg

lastly…. to top it of…. a Christmas tree.

20131203-095853 pm.jpg

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 Year ahead!!!

12 thoughts on “Malaysia – Christmas is Just Round the Corner (2)

  1. Nice shots. I don’t live near malls, but imagine the ones I saw in Bangkok last year would also be tasteful and extravagantly done up. I really like the sepia one because the colour can be a bit overwhelming. Interestingly, your photos are much sharper when I see them in my email than in my browser.

  2. Over here in Kampot, Cambodia, Christmas seems like a distant memory. However, you can’t go far in Phnom Penh without being assaulted by the signs of the season, which in this culture seem terribly out of place. I suspect it is the same where you are in Malaysia. The merchants may want it, but it’s a concept largely out of step with their culture and not easily assimilated.

    • Hi Sorry for the late reply. Yup. I feel it is too commercialize till people do not know the real meaning of Xmas. Anyway… another festival is round the corner; Chinese New Year which is weeks away and nearly all the shops are up with deco already. I will be posting on this in my coming blog.

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