Taiwan – Hsinchu; National Day Super Run (3)

Welcome back!!!!Sorry for a long break in between.

If you missed my earlier posting, please do have a look to catch up with the story. =)

The ‘flight’ has but mostly of the superman and superwoman are still on the ground…… in total of up to 2500 of supermen and superwomen.

20131014-080138 am.jpg

Gosh… the superheroes had even time to pose on the side of the street.

20131014-080149 am.jpg

More of them coming but some of them decided to walk instead of ‘flying’.

20131014-080156 am.jpg

Superboys here they come!!!! with their Super-mommy

20131014-080206 am.jpg

Captain America also decided to join in the ‘flight’ with Superwoman. LOL!!!! Superwoman looks a bit shy here.

20131014-080214 am.jpg

Passed along the older part of Hsinchu.

20131014-080224 am.jpg

Finally arrived at the final destination. All having a break.

20131014-080232 am.jpg

Nice cute giant poster.


Hope you enjoy with me on this Super Run. Catch and follow me on my travel in my upcoming posting =)


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