Taiwan – Hsinchu Guandi Temple

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Not far from the Hsinchu morning market, I found a temple; Hsinchu Guandi Temple or known as God of War temple . Built in 1776, this temple was noted for its refined ornamentation and inscriptions carved by local scholars on the temple pillars. This is just one of the God of War temples. There are others in Changhua, Lukang, and Hsinchuang, and Xingtian Temple in Taipei.

A stone plague outside the temple wall.

20131018-051201 pm.jpg

Main Entrance to the temple. The temples is practically surrounded by old building and new shops.

20131018-051211 pm.jpg

Beautiful and colourful structure of the temple.

20131018-051220 pm.jpg

20131018-051227 pm.jpg

A blowup figurine of a god of war.

20131018-051236 pm.jpg

Entrance to the temple

20131018-051244 pm.jpg

Inside the temple ground and buildings

20131018-051254 pm.jpg

20131018-051300 pm.jpg

20131018-051330 pm.jpg

Small temple but beautiful place to visit and take pictures.

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