Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (5)

Glad you are still following me on my ‘walk’ in Jiufen.

Walking around the village….  I have walked through their maze of streets. Can be confusing but it is the best way to see the life and people in this village. Don’t you agree? =)

Fushan Temple from the bottom. I will be getting there soon but not for now. =P

20131012-045317 pm.jpg

Still exploring around the village. View from one alleys overlooking the hillside.

20131012-045326 pm.jpg

This really caught my eyes!!! I believe it is a biscuit or cake and what a shape. Not cheap though. Haha!!! They even sell in a pair. LOL!!!!

20131012-045358 pm.jpg

Walking up at one their stairs, I saw this shop selling hand made mask.

20131012-045405 pm.jpg

… very interesting.

20131012-045412 pm.jpg

A map of Jiufen …. but it did not really help me much. Guess I walk aimlessly. HAHA!!

20131012-045420 pm.jpg

Saw a lot of ppl in this shop and I guess it must be famous for it’s yuyuan or taro balls. Yup it is; Auntie A-Gan shop which sells Sweet Taro Ball.

20131012-045429 pm.jpg.

Yup… got myself a  bowl (iced… should have taken the hot one instead) and while eating.. the shop also provide you a place to sit with a magnificent view.

20131012-045441 pm.jpg

Another shot from the shop where I was.

20131012-045448 pm.jpg

Like it so far….? If yes, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (5)

  1. I like your photos of Jiufen! They brought back nice memories. I have visited Taiwan twice and loved it! I visited Hsinchu and Taipei and some resort in the mountains. I don’t remember the name of the resort…. Can’t wait to see more photos from Taiwan!

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