Taiwan – Jiufen, A Walk in Old Street (4)

Walking down the end of the Jiufen Old Street, I came to street with old buildings which have been converted to shops. Guess the pictures t ell a better story than I do. Lol!!!

Mixture of new and old buildings ..

20131012-045045 pm.jpg

Where to now?

20131012-045052 pm.jpg

Something different in middle of the village.

20131012-045100 pm.jpg

More old buildings along the street

20131012-045107 pm.jpg

20131012-045114 pm.jpg

Another nice view of the houses on the hillside.

20131012-045122 pm.jpg

Another beautiful shot…..

20131012-045138 pm.jpg

Cluster houses…. You can kinda get lost in the maze of road in here where I nearly did.

20131012-045145 pm.jpg

We are only half way through….. Wanna see more? Then keep up with me 😊