Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck

Hi there!!! Sorry for a long gap in my posting. I am still in Taiwan for my business trip till this week.

Last week, I got the opportunity to go to Kaohsiung for business trip and also to the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck sits at the Glory Pier in the port of Kaohsiung.

We took the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) from Hsinchu to Kaohsiung which took us about 90mins ride.

Hsinchu High Speed Rail station

20131005-085455 pm.jpg

My ticket to Kaohsiung that cost me NTD1,200

20131005-085507 pm.jpg

Here comes the train…

20131005-085515 pm.jpg

20131005-085523 pm.jpg

After work, we went took a cab to the Glory Pier. You cant missed it as along the way, you can see small stall peddler selling the miniature yellow duck.

20131005-085532 pm.jpg

From far… you can see the GIant Yellow Rubber Duck.

20131005-085546 pm.jpg

a closer shot……

20131005-085557 pm.jpg

20131005-085602 pm.jpg

20131005-085637 pm.jpg

Huge right?

20131005-085646 pm.jpg

Time to go back….. took the KMRT (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Train) back to Zouying to catch our high speed train back to Hsinchu.

20131005-090744 pm.jpg

20131005-090751 pm.jpg

20131005-090810 pm.jpg

This was the average speed. The max so far I saw was about 280km/h.

20131005-090826 pm.jpg

Stay tune as I will have more coming up on my trip to Taiwan.

P.S You can catch on the night market at the Glory Pier, Kaohsiong in my posting here; Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck

9 thoughts on “Taiwan – Kaohsiung, the Giant Yellow Rubber Duck

    • wow!! Well we Malaysian Chinese can mostly speak a minimum of 3 languages; English, Bahasa Malaysia and a Chinese dialect. If you have friends of other chinese dialects, chance is that you will pick up and and will have more than 3 then. LOL!!

      • She needs prayers. She is married to a Professor, and has 3 grown children, and she aborted another 3 children. She has Post-Abortion Syndrome. Pray for her. She had a hard childhood.

        Enjoyed your photos. Helps me to see where Shu Chen is from. Taiwan is beautiful.

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