Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (4)

Welcome back. Sorry for the slight detour on this. If you missed  my earlier write , here’s the link; Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (3)

Moving on…. still at Lebuh Armenian, there are a lot of metal art sculpture as seen below at the arches of the shops.

Each of them has their little story…..



Wall Art painting on the beam of  the old shops…


Look at the queue .. people waiting to take a shot of the street of the the brother and sister on a bicycle wall painting.


One of the old shops with old antique stuff… very quaint place to see all the old memorabilia.


Smart idea.. to repair the chair with colourful cloth rags.


.. another cat on the wall…


… the journey continues.  Remember to follow me on this search… as there is more.


4 thoughts on “Malaysia – Georgetown; The continuation search for Street Art (4)

  1. Your posts about George Town street art are great. I was wondering : who are the artists? What’s the story behind them?
    I went to Penang last month and visited George Town. I like your shot of the bicycle with all the Chinese mainlanders waiting to take a picture.
    By the way, if you are still in Penang: right behind the bicycle street art, there a “Jacky Chan Kung Fu” street art that is pretty cool (follow the Chinese, it seems they know where it is 🙂

    • The mural artist are are locals; Louis Low and also from other country like Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania, and Natthaaton Munaagkliang from Thailand . Usually they have a theme when they do the mural paintings; Zach’s Mirrors George Town, which was part of George Town Festival 2012, and Natthaton and Louise Low who completed 12 street murals in conjunction with the George Town Festival 2013.

      Yup.. I found the ‘Bruce Lee kicking the cat’ along one of the alley. This is showcase in my next posting. =)

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