Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (2)

Still at the Ramadan Bazaar.

More selections of food…

Murtabak.. Roti canai which either chicken or mutton filling in it.


Dishes eaten white steam rice to choose from.


Look at all those selection and also the red spicy colour. Haha


Another stall selling drinks..


Ikan bakar…. Grilled fish.


… Yum yum… Satay with peanut gravy.


Want more? Well follow me on my last post on my visit to the Ramadan Bazaar.


14 thoughts on “Malaysia – View of a Ramadan Bazaar (2)

  1. I had satay once. It’s wonderful. It’s unfortunate that I never knew of any Malaysian restaurant here where I reside in Taiwan. There were Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thailand, and Filipino restaurants but haven’t found Malaysian one.

    • yup it is especially if you have it with the great peanut sauce. yum yum. To think about it, when I was in Taiwan, I did not see any Malaysian restaurant. Anyway, you have a good reason to come to Malaysia to satay then. =)

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