Malaysia – Night Market the Malaysian way (2)

Continuation of our walk in the Chow Yang SS2 night market from my previous posting.

Hairy fruit; the rambutans are in season. Rm10 per basket.


Along the walk, we stopped to buy the Ban Chang Kueh. Nice with crush peanuts and sweet corn.


More fruit stalls….


Stall selling dry food stuff


Yum yum… fried youtiao fresh from the hot oil pot.


Variety of biscuits ……


Mobile stall selling char kuey kak.


Like it? Follow me on my last post on the Malaysian night market.

35 thoughts on “Malaysia – Night Market the Malaysian way (2)

  1. Sigh. This just makes me want to travel through Asia more. Beautiful photos – they capture the complexity and chaos, pleasure and delight of an Asian market. 🙂

      • Night markets in Taiwan are pretty nice too! Should come visit sometime!

        PS. Your photos are really nice 🙂

        • Thanks!! Well I have been to a couple of Taiwan night market before; Shihlin(biggest) and Roahe Street Night Market in Taipei, Chungli Night Market in Chungli, Fengjia night market in Taichung (2nd biggest) and Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung. Yup… Taiwan night market are good but different from Malaysia ones. =)

  2. Awesome pictures. So excited to visit Malaysia in 3 weeks!! Also really looking forward to strolling the night markets. I have a feeling Malaysia will be very different from Korea, and looking forward to exploring it.

    • Thanks! Well do take note that the night market in Malaysia are held daily but in different area each day but it will be same place weekly. Like for this Chow Yang SS2, it is only held on every Thu evening and these traders move from area to area daily. They are unlike the Taiwan or Korea night market which are huge ones but in Malaysia, there are usually held in housing areas which cater for the locals so it is not so touristy. With this, you can really see the local culture and also slightly cheaper in comparison with the touristy area.

      Oh.. yes. I would like to welcome you to Malaysia and have a wonderful trip exploring the beautiful Malaysia.

      P.S You are just in time to explore the King of the Fruit which is in season now if you have not tried it before. =)

  3. the ban chang kueh looks good! I like this sort where it’s thin so it can be crisp, rather than the fatter floppy type. we don’t get them with corn here though, only coconut or peanut..

    • Yup. I also prefer the thin ones and eaten immediately else it will not be crispy anymore. Over here, some stalls has improvise by adding in egg or even floss into it aside from the normal peanuts and corn. Of course, it will be extra cost. =)

      • that sounds really delicious actually – I like how all our traditional foods are being interpreted with new ingredients, although that’s a double-edged sword, seeing as how we’re losing our beloved food traditions as well!

    • Well it is unlike in Taiwan where it is not so obvious or in grand scale. The other is, it is not located in the city. It is usually in the suburb area but if you are able to go one, it would be a nice experience.

  4. Your image of the Ban Chang Kueh looks similar to lychee, which is what was recently (and now approaching the end) in season in Taiwan. I noticed Taiwan was mentioned in previous comments and you responded that you have visited a few. One of the best things about the night markets, as well as the stands that line the roads in various places, are the fresh, local, in-season fruits. It’s something I’ll never get enough of. Beyond this, do you remember any favorite street foods at the Taiwanese night markets? What’s your favorite in Malaysia or other southeast Asian countries?

    • Ooo.. no. Ban Chang Kueh is actually a thin crispy pan cake with peanut and sweet corn filling in it. Lychee is a fruit. =)

      Yup I have been to Taiwan numerous times and so far, I kinda like the night market in Chungli which has something different from the other bigger night markets in Taipei. I do miss the fried stinky toufu which is skewed on the stick better than the cut ones which they pour some sauce on it. In Malaysia, well.. I do not miss much as I can get to pick, choose and eat it anytime. =) You been to Malaysia?

  5. Can’t wait to go back to S.E.Asia (less than 10 days) to finally eat rambutannnnnn!!!! Been waiting for so many months… hahaha Thanks for the yummy pics!

    • no problems. =)

      Hope you enjoy yr trip in SEA and enjoy eating fiesta here. Guess in Malaysia, it is the durian season too. If you did not have a go on yr last trip, dun miss out this chance to taste it. =)

      P.S The Thailand durians and Malaysia durians are totally different in taste. Malaysia is much better and sweeter. =)

      • I tried durian in most of SE Asian countries, actually in all I think except Brunei, because everyone keeps telling me this, and I still find it disgusting each time…. too bad for me. I’ll stay on rambutan!

          • I love mangosteen. Pamelo is ok, but can sometimes be a bit better, I feel. Which one is your favorite? Do you like salak? I find it interesting, hahaha… Anyway really interesting blog! Where are you now?

          • I love mangosteen too. Yes.. you are right. Some of the pamelo could be a bit bitter if not ripe. The other fruit I like is the chiku. Heard and tried this before? Oh.. yes. Of course I have tried the salak but it is mostly found in Indonesia but not in Malaysia.

            I am currently living in Malaysia but I travel on and off to overseas usually for business trips (mostly Taiwan).

          • Oh interesting! I’ll be going to Malaysia and Taiwan in coming weeks, haha.
            The chiku, seen it, but never tried it! I’m gonna look for it and try! Hope I like it! I will let you know haha! 🙂

    • Yup… lots of snacks to choose from. High temptation to have an early supper whenever you visit any of the night markets. lol!!

      If you have a chance, you should try dropping by a night market in Malaysia and enjoy the food and snacks. =)

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