USA – San Francisco Bay Area on a Self bicycle tour (2)

Continuation on my cycling trip at the bay area. From the pier 39 to the base of Golden Gate Bridge was a nice 6.7km ride along the coastal bike lane. Beautiful sight and flat easy right (for that moment. LOL!!)


but…if anyone who had gone to San Francisco, they will know that they are famous for their hills.

Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California; famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns. Nope.. I did not (even) try cycling down this!! haha….


Along the way, I stopped at the museum on a hill. It was the Cable Car Museum.

The Cable Car Museum is a free museum in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, California.Located in the historic Washington/Mason cable car barn and powerhouse, the museum deck overlooks the huge engines and winding wheels that pull the cables. Lots of history on the cable car in San Francisco.


Wow!! Imagine cycling up this road. I did it but only like for a very short distance. Even pushing my bike was a heavy task. Lol!! Coming down was another thing but better be sure the bicycle brakes are working well else…..


The Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest building in San Francisco.


This was where the cable car will make a turn before heading back. You heard me correctly; a 180 degree turn. I stayed and watch the whole process. Very interesting.


Cute little cars for rent.


Along the way, I stopped by this little cute bakery shop and also it sells other stuff too.




San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge – heading back to Caltrain station.


Caltrain back home to San Jose.


Well… that’s it for my bicycle day trip. Wanna know where is the next place I am visiting in California? If yes, then follow me on my next posting. =)




20 thoughts on “USA – San Francisco Bay Area on a Self bicycle tour (2)

  1. Awesome photos! I’ve only been to San Francisco once, but wasn’t brave enough to bike those hills! Lol. Next time, you should make the drive to Napa.

    • Thanks. Actually it is nice to cycle along the pier; end to end. As for the hills… I would not do it the 2nd time but maybe unless I have a motorize bicycle to get me up those hills.. HAHA!!

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