China – Beijing, a walk back in History (6)

Heading to Chengde city , Hebei province after coming from Putuo ZongCheng Temple.

Had the chance to walk around the city in the evening to see how the locals there lived and also the buildings and alleys.

Fruits displayed openly on the side walk.


.. and also food too.


This was the view of one of the alleys in the evening market where locals doing their marketing.

Their local food of which I do not even know what they are.

One of the restaurant along the street in Chengde.


In 1703, Chengde was chosen by the Kangxi Emperor as the location for his summer residence. The Mountain Resort in Chengde was used by both the Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors. The site is currently an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The resort is a large complex of imperial palaces and gardens situated in the city. Because of its vast and rich collection of Chinese landscapes and architecture, the Resort is a culmination of all the variety of gardens, pagodas, temples and palaces from various regions of China.

This is the table of the Chinese Emperor in China and their family.


Beautiful frozen lake with a gondola at the side.



The big garden but bare during end of winter.


Want more? If yes, then stay tune for more.

22 thoughts on “China – Beijing, a walk back in History (6)

      • And? How was the taste? Because I’m still have this opinion in my head that Chinese foods are the same in every country. I lived for almost 4 years in Europe and visited a few times Chinese Restaurants and the foods were the same. πŸ™‚

        • Well… you will be surprise. Asian foods do differ in different asian countries (guess they will modify sligthly to cater for the people in that country). Each Asian countries has their own special food, dishes or fruits. Like in Malaysia, Penang it is famous for it fried noodles (Char Koey Teow), Taiwan for their pineapple tart, Hong Kong for their dim sum and Beijing for their Peking duck. So it is always better to try it in the original country. =)

  1. Awesome!!! Beijing is where I wanna be as soon as I can arrange it… sometime next year.. this helps a lot!!!! I will definitely be following you… thanks for following my blog…

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