Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (14)

My last posting on my trip in Hanoi. Vietnam. Yes, still in Old Quarters.

Me on trishaw following another trishaw in front of me. It kinda nice to sit in one of them and seeing the motorbikes zooming past you.


A spontaneous shot.


Look at all those wires on the electric pole!!


Sunset it approaching soon…..


Another stall selling all sorts of things…..


… and locals hanging outside a stall and having their dinner.


That’s all for my journey here. So… the next question, where to next? If you want to know, then follow me on my blog to find out. =)

28 thoughts on “Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (14)

  1. I travelled to Hanoi last year and enjoyed it just as much as you seem to be! Your photos are wonderful and really capture the atmosphere of those bustling markets and hectic streets. Thanks for checking out my blog, I know I’ll be back here again!

  2. I was just there in Hanoi! I love the Old Quarter as well. I’ll post about it maybe tomorrow. Great shots! I am so jealous. I only have a point and shoot cam for my travel.

    • Thanks!! Actually I do not like the touristy area.Like you said.. I look for their different culture and lifestyle. To me, this is more interesting than shopping or going to the shopping complex or malls. =)

  3. I really enjoyed looking through this series. I look forward to reading more about your travels. I love that your photos capture both the busyness and the quietness of life. Thanks for dropping by!

        • Well.. it is so hard to judge or say which is food is the best but each has it’s own flavour and taste which is unique. So.. for me.. at long it taste different from my country food…. it taste good!!! (ahem except for the boiled silk worm in Chengde, China) HAHA!!

          • Taiwanese-Chinese foods are good, but a lot of Taiwanese food is sweet! Vietnam is my home country, so of course I think it’s the best 😀 where is your food from??

            Taiwanese-Chinese foods are good, but a lot of Taiwanese food is sweet! Vietnam is my home country, so of course I think it’s the best 😀 where is your food from??

          • I like Vietnamese food too especially the broken rice and the 3 colour drink. Well.. my food is from Malaysia. Lots of different kind in fact; Malay, Chinese, Indian and fusion ..opps and not forgetting street food too. =)

          • Those are my favorites as well, and I think you’re talking about “che ba mau” 😉 I’ve never tried Malaysian food, but I heard it’s soo good! I will put that on my list of things to try!

          • You should try Malaysian food if you get a chance. You can find Malaysian restaurants it most countries but I have not seen any in Taiwan yet. A lot of choices in fact to choose from. haha…..

          • I definitely will! My actually had Malaysian roommates when I lived in Taiwan, but we ate Taiwanese food the whole time 🙂

          • Well.. then you can ask yr roommate to tell you more about Malaysian food and also cook for you too.. =)
            In fact, when one is in a different country, one tend to eat the local food. One thing I noticed about Taiwan is that, they have lots of Japanese restaurants.

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