Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (13)

So much things to see in the Old Quarters, Hanoi. You can practically takes shots after shots.

Lots of locals on their bikes and putting their bikes on the side of the road.


A lady selling French baguette on the road side.


Another lady selling a local dish and her customer sitting on stool enjoying their meal.


Walking on the street selling toys



More shots of the alleys and you can see the local parking their bikes back to back.



Follow me on my last posting on my journey in Hanoi.

12 thoughts on “Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (13)

  1. Vietnam is an amazing country to photograph, so many colours, so many people engaged in all the interesting everyday sidewalk behaviours of the Vietnamese. You’ve captured and shared this well.

  2. Amazing photos you have here (especially those about the Vietnamese in action) which offers a glimpse of life there.

    Also, are you travelling full time? Asking cos you mentioned that you will be going somewhere next.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. No, unfortunately I am not a full time traveler (although I wish too. LOL!!) but just that, I do travel here and there and when I do (personal or on business trips), I will take the opportunity to capture as much as I can about that place or country. Well if you notice, my writing are mostly of my past travels.. so what I am doing now is actually sharing with all my readers and hopefully that they can see that country from my ‘eyes’ and pictures. =)

  3. Traveling by motorcycle makes so much more sense, if you can do it! It’s interesting how everything spills onto the sidewalks, from family meals to merchandise:)

  4. I agree on the crazy traffic in Hanoi! (It’s a bit less dangerous in Ho Chi Minh city though). But in a way it makes Hanoi be Hanoi, you know 🙂 the busy life in such little corners and the thrill you get from crossing the road, well, you hardly get them anywhere else

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