Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (10)

Welcome back! This was the next morning. Yup we stayed on board the junk for the night. There were about 10 room (if I recall correctly) on lower deck each room was equipped with aircon, shower and a window with a view. =)

In the morning, we took a boat ride along the protected bay. As you can see, the water was so calm.

The shot below was our boat where they anchored 2 junk together as we went in a big group and had to use 2 junks.


Some people from the other junks took the chance to do some canoeing.


Another shot of our boat…


Then we headed through one of the caves to get over the other side.


going through the tunnel passage.


Locals coming with their goods to sell to the tourist like us.


Heading back.. we passed a fishing floating village in the bay area.



Do you see a guy’s face?


So the next question, where’s next? Wanna know…. then see me on my next posting. =)