Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (9)

Heading out from the Cat Ba Cave, the junk too us to another island which is the Hang Hanh of Bo Hon Island where there is a beach and also also a beautiful view of the sunset from the highest point on the island.


Closer view of the junks as our junk passed by.





A view from the highest point on the island waiting for the….


yes.. sunset!!


then it was off again on the junk to another area where we stayed on the junk boat for the night.


Oh yes.. did I mentioned anything about the junk boat that we stayed for the night? If I did not, then I will mention this in my next post. So .. stay tune. =)

13 thoughts on “Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (9)

  1. That’s so beautiful. The rocks out of the water remind me of that scene in How To Train Your Dragon, where the boy flies for the first time.

  2. Great photos, and thanks for stopping by. It’s a coincidence I’m set to go to Vietnam next week too. Hope I’ll encounter similar great sights when I go to Ha Long Bay.

  3. I traveled to Vietnam in 1997. I tell everyone that it has more shades of green than anywhere else I have ever been. I loved it. Thanks for the reminders and the great posts/images.

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