Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (8)

I am still in the grotto of the from Sut Sot Cave at Halong Bay and looking out to the bay from 30m high. The view from the opening of the cave is magnificent. I took lots of photos but I decided to share only the nicest.

You can see the junk coming and going out from the jetty on Bo Hon Island.




Loved it especially when the junk open their sail…..




Coming down and heading back to the junk boat to continue our tour to visit another island; Cat Ba Island.




More pictures to come. =)

6 thoughts on “Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (8)

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  2. Stunning photos. I especially like the b/w one of the junks in the bay. Are all the photos from your 2006 trip? I’d be interested to know if there are still many old-style boats plying those waters. In Hong Kong, the junks of old have been, well, junked. There’s one left, and it’s a motorized tourist attraction.

    • Thanks! Yes, these photos are back in 2006 but I believe the junks (many of them) are still plying there in Halong Bay where you can opt for a day trip or even an overnight where you stay in comfort in the junk (depending on yr budget). It is a UNESCO Heritage site, and I am sure that the Vietnamese government would want to maintain it as it is a tourist attraction.

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