Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (7)

Hi.. Still with me? Good. 😊 Today we will be going to visit the famous bay in Vietnam. Located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam is the Halong Bay which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay belongs to Hạ Long City, Cẩm Phả town, and part of Van Don district. It features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes. Ha Long Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bái Tử Long bay to the northeast, and Cát Bà islands to the southwest.

When we reached the bay and we were lead to our Junk. It was really fun as we had to cross in between junks to get to ours without failing into the sea. We took the the overnight cruise on the junk. There are so many junk boats in the bay to bring tourist the around the bay.

Junk boats sailing out to the bay


while some were waiting for tourists to board their boats.




A baeutiful scenery caught on the boat while sailing on the bay


Arrived at Sung Sot Cave (Cave of Surprises). It is the largest cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam located at the Bo Hon Island


Jetty at Sung Sot Cave.


the grotto in the Sung Sot Cave.


Like what you see? If yes, then keep following me on my next post in Halong Bay. =)


9 thoughts on “Vietnam – The Trail of Hanoi (7)

  1. What a fascinating country! The last photo reminds me of when I was a girl and my family went to Carlsbad Caverns. I was amazed and awed at the incredible shapes and colors. The grotto looks even more magical.

  2. Thanks for “following” my blog! Had you not stopped by, I would not likely have found yours.

    I try to post something to my blogs every few days, but in the case of “Gimp” it is much more episodic. When we are traveling, computer time can be difficult to find, when we are home, there seems less to write about.

    Thailand and Vietnam are on our to visit soon lists. Your posts enliven that desire.

    • Thanks for dropping into mine too and enjoying my posting. I know you will enjoy yr trip to Thailand and Vietnam as there are really interesting countries and interesting cultures. =)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I am looking forward to following you around Vietnam. It is a place we want to visit, we have visited many other Asian countries and love the culture. Beautiful photos

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