Japan – The Country side of Yamagata Prefecture (1)

This is my trip to Japan way back in Nov 2005 (8 years already!!. wow!!).

It was one of my business trip and also my first trip into Japan and as usual it was always short and a rush visit. I was heading to Yamagata prefecture; a small country town up in the center of Honshu island.

My flight into Narita Airport was from Hong Kong. Upon arrival, I have to find my way to catch the train from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station, and then catch my Shinkansen to Yamagata Prefecture. Oh yes.. I bought my Shinkansen ticket way before I landed in Japan. So, good planning was required else I would have missed my ride. The total trip would take me close to 5 hrs just by train.


When I arrived at Tokyo Station, I was surprised to see the sign had English too. It was a relieved as I could not read or speak Japanese. Moving around the Tokyo station and finding the right platform was daunting task especially in the evening when everyone is rushing to go home after work.


One of the Shinkansen arriving at the station ….


A typical kiosk on the platform where the local Japanese will buy thing before boarding for their trip on the Shinkansen.


This Shinkansen look like a duck….. 😄


This is the coach.. a double decker. In fact, it was my first time sitting in a Shinkansen (a few years later, I have also managed to sit in the bullet train in China and also the one in Taiwan)


My dinner on board the Shinkansen which I purchased from the lady goes around from coach to coach selling food and drinks.


This is the view from the hotel in Yamagata over looking the beautiful hills in the foreground.


As usual, I will take the opportunity to walk around the town before heading to the office.


… Very quaint place.


follow me on my next posting in Yamagata, Japan.

15 thoughts on “Japan – The Country side of Yamagata Prefecture (1)

  1. I always thought a bullet train would be the greatest way to travel. I’ve always loved your photos as you choose to capture the essence of a city rather than the “in your face” tourist spots.

  2. Great pictures! I was in Japan in the ’80s. It’s amazing how little the countryside has changed. BTW, thanks for the follow on my Sicily blog!

  3. Love the bullet train as well! And thanks for stopping by my blog, too. Not sure if you’re interested, but since you write about food, I used to write a food column for one of the expat mags here in Osaka. I stopped writing it a while ago, but if you ever come to Osaka, here’s some info on the (awesome) food scene here: http://gourmetgirljapan.blogspot.jp/

  4. Hello, enjoyed your post. On a side note, we will be in Tokyo for about 2 days this June. It will be our 2nd time going there, any suggestions which places we should prioritize? We have only been to Tokyo Disney Sea. Cheers!

    • Hi.. thanks for dropping by my blog. Well I cant really give you any good tips as I did not really explore other areas of Japan aside from Yamagata and Tokyo (just an hour quick self walking tour – this I will share in my next blog). Maybe you could try a homestay outside Tokyo to enjoy their culture. That’s the best I can think and which I will do in my next trip there. The other is, I noticed that your trip is only 2 days which you cant really go far from Tokyo else you will be spending more time travelling in the train or bus than to explore by foot (which I find you can see more things by foot)

  5. Thanks for following BuildingMyBento, and for liking my post about Japanese advertising! Did you notice unusual ads in Japan as well?

    Also, ekiben (bento sold at train stations) are great, and I also relish how at each different stop along the shinkansen route (if I recall correctly), you have the chance to try local (and seasonal) foods.

    • Thanks for dropping in my blog. Yup I did notice some. Some are really funny but the main thing is they got my attention. So their ads did work. =).

      I did eat the ekiben on the shinkansen and they taste great but unfortunately I did not manage to try their seasonal food or fruits. Guess that trip was really a short and rush trip.

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  7. Yamagata looks really interesting from your blog posts! Have made a note in my TravelJapan file as another place to visit next time 😉

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