Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (23)

An early morningĀ  aftter stopping a night in Bolu which was midway between Ankara and Istanbul. It was a forested mountain district.

This is the outlook of the place we stayed for the night.

TurkeyDay8_1 (1)

TurkeyDay8_1 (2)

A view along to the way back to Istanbul.

TurkeyDay8_1 (3)

Sunrise shot… with the view overlooking the Aegean Sea and the ships and tankers…

TurkeyDay8_1 (4)

Upon reaching Istandul from the Asian side to the western side.

TurkeyDay8_1 (5)

TurkeyDay8_1 (7)

TurkeyDay8_1 (8)

More to come……