Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (14)

My continuation from my Turkey trip from my last post; Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (13)

Today, we headed to Aksaray to visit the ‘hotel’ for the ancient traders and travelers but before that, we stopped at the famous Kirazli Bache Restaurant which served their famous turkish bread.

TurkeyDay4_1 (1)

Outside the restaurant you can a big and colourful statue of Nasreddin Hodja; a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes.

TurkeyDay4_1 (2)

A nice shot … the ray of sunlight piercing through the clouds.

TurkeyDay4_1 (3)

Once we reached Aksaray, we headed to the monumental Sultanhani caravanserais. This is one of the 3 three monumental caravanserais in the neighborhood of Aksaray.

Caravanserais have been used since the 10th century and in modern times, it is literally known as ‘caravan palaces’. These buildings provided accommodation and other amenities for the merchants and stabling for their animals.

The Sultanhani Caravanserais is located along the ancient Silk-Road between Cappadocia and Konya. These caravanserais were built like forts

TurkeyDay4_1 (4)

The courtyard…..

TurkeyDay4_1 (5)

… open stables area..

TurkeyDay4_1 (6)

The central gate portal of the Sultanhani Caravanserais

TurkeyDay4_1 (7)

Inside the caravanserais… the covered hall

TurkeyDay4_1 (8)


9 thoughts on “Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (14)

  1. The Turkish architects certainly loved there arches, but as this is probably the most stable of openings, doorways, etc. they are still standing today. Mahalo for taking us on the journey with you.

  2. Hey there Just A Simple Guy,
    It seems that you are quite inspired by Turkey.
    I have lived there for a couple of months and I must admit the oriental spirit is contagious 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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