Taiwan – A short trip to Hsinchu

Was in Hsinchu on Tue and out from there back in KL on Thu this week. That’s like my trip to form KL to Penang and back to KL.

A shot of inside KLIA Satellite Terminal.

20130314-022111 PM.jpg

They even had a name of the ‘infamous’ road in the terminal.

20130314-022148 PM.jpg

My flight to Taiwan was actually quite empty. Lots of empty seats.

20130314-022218 PM.jpg

A sunset shot from airplane window panel.

20130314-022245 PM.jpg

Anyway I was there on business trip but I managed to capture some night shots when I reached there.

This was taken over a bridge overlooking a small stream

20130314-041356 PM.jpg

This is the famous ‘Dong Men’ monument in Hsinchu that is now located in the middle of a roundabout in the city of Hsinchu.

20130314-041416 PM.jpg

I believe last week the city was having a lighted festival…. and below were of the items that were lighted up.

20130314-041441 PM.jpg

20130314-110400 PM.jpg

20130314-110421 PM.jpg

20130314-110535 PM.jpg