Turkey … a country with a long history and beautiful scenic views (12)

Walking down Curutes Street, I was heading to the famous Library of Celsus.

The Library of Celsus is a Roman mausoleum and library built in the early 2nd century AD and is one of the most beautifully reconstructed buildings in Ephesus. It has become icon of the ancient city.

This library was was commissioned by the Consul Julius Aquila as a mausoleum for his father, Julius Celsus Polemaeanus.

TurkeyDay3_3 (1)

A shot take near the entrance.

TurkeyDay3_3 (2)

and directly under ….

TurkeyDay3_3 (3)

Lower niches with statues.

TurkeyDay3_3 (4)

Outside the portico

TurkeyDay3_3 (5)

TurkeyDay3_3 (6)

TurkeyDay3_3 (7)

Beautiful is the only word I can say. You just have to be there to enjoy it.

Walking a bit further was the Great Theater of Ephesus. This theater can seat 25,000 people.

TurkeyDay3_3 (8)

more to come… stay tune!!