My New Blog Site – Out of Blues Photography

Wow… I just started blogging seriously last November and I have just added another blog site to my name and it is Out of Blues Photography. This will be my 3rd blog site.

OoB Photography

hmmm.. What this site about you may ask? Well…it will cover photos or pictures that can neither fit into this blog or my food blog site. More like outliers. LOL!!!

Anyway enough of this. Why not you drop by and have a look and follow me then I will be happy to get some feedback from my readers.

Happy reading!!

4 thoughts on “My New Blog Site – Out of Blues Photography

    • Yup.. it is not easy but if one is passionate on blogging, they will find a way to do it. For me, I am sting finding my path to do it and with readers and followers like you who keeps coming back and commenting, it really keeps me motivated too. Thanks!! =)

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