Hong Kong – An evening view from the Peak (3)

This is my final part of an evening view from the Victoria Peak.

When the sun goes down….. it really goes down fast.

Enjoy the pictures of the sunset and also the night lights of the city of Hong Kong.

HK_Peak3 (1)

A shot of an airplane flying over the Peak.

HK_Peak3 (2)

HK_Peak3 (3)

The lights in the city is slowly lighting up……

HK_Peak3 (4)

Ligthed Terrace 428….

HK_Peak3 (5)

… and the fully ligthed city of Hong Kong .

HK_Peak3 (6)

26 thoughts on “Hong Kong – An evening view from the Peak (3)

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. You got some beautiful pictures from the Peak, you were lucky with the conditions but even so, my pictures are nowhere near as nice 🙂

  2. Love the views across the harbour and interesting to see how the ICC on Kowloon side (Hong Kong’s tallest building) is now dominating the skyline, where previously it was 2IFC on the island.

  3. I love looking at night photography of amazing cities. I live in rural Scotland and we don’t have anything remotely like it.

      • Wow! My phone is pretty bad camera wise. You clearly have talent though to take the photos so well 🙂 I have a DSLR but I took a 8 year old camera to Hong Kong instead because I was scared of breaking the other one >_<

        I love looking through your photos. You're so lucky to be able to go to so many countries too! Hope you post lots more in the future! 🙂

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