Hong Kong – A walk in Mong Kok Area

Coming back from Shenzhen the day before, I have the chance to drop by the famous shopping area in Kowloon – Mong Kok . I have seen Mong Kok in the Hong Kong shows but I have never stepped foot there until now.

Why evening? Well..this is the best time to see the activities starting and also the crowd slowly coming in and packing the street with people instead of cars.

This is a shot from the top of a shopping mall of the longest escalator in Hong Kong; Langham Place.. from the 4th floor leading up to the 8th and another pair leads to the 12th floor.

HongKong (1) 

HongKong (2)

On the streets of Mong Kok….

HongKong (4)

HongKong (5)

HongKong (6)

HongKong (7)



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