The sign is clear…. Chinese New Year is near (part 3)

A month away and the feeling and sight of Chinese New Year is more obvious.

Below are the snap shots of the center course where the mall is preparing for a huge decoration for the up coming Chinese New Year. It has been going on for a fews days and by next week it will be ready. Looks humongous rite? I bet it will be. I too waiting and see what is in surprise this time.

These shots were taken a few days ago from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055755 AM.jpg

This one is another area of the mall. Also in the midst of preparation.

20130111-055817 AM.jpg

Ground floor shot.

20130111-055838 AM.jpg

Giant lanterns which will be hanging down from the 3rd floor.

20130111-055857 AM.jpg

…stay on with me and find out the final decoration of this place.

…. Latest updates. Taken today.

Still a mess but it is coming to shape.

20130111-044003 PM.jpg

Lanterns hanging down…

20130111-044033 PM.jpg


China – Shenzhen’s Window of the World .. Night Performance!

Welcome back!!

It is nice to know you are still following me. Thank you. (but if you just join me, do visit my blog on my 1st 5 parts of my visit to Shenzhen’s Window of the World and enjoy the blogs and pictures)

Apart from just enjoying the replica of the monuments here, they also have a daily night performance for the visitors which is one of the main attraction of this place. The show last for bout 45min and covers the love stories like  Cleopatra to the Cinderella to the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and more. If you do visit this place, do stay for the show. It is worth the wait.

Shenzhen_Night (1)  The night shot .. waiting for the performance to start.

Shenzhen_Night (2) Beautiful clear night and with the view of crescent at the background.

Shenzhen_Night (3) Visitors taking their seat and waiting for the performance to begin.

Shenzhen_Night (4)

…. and the performance begins.

Shenzhen_Night (5)

Shenzhen_Night (6)

Shenzhen_Night (7)

Shenzhen_Night (8)

Shenzhen_Night (9)

Shenzhen_Night (10)

Shenzhen_Night (11)

It was a good performance. In fact I been there twice and I still enjoyed it.

Shenzhen_Night (12) Time to go back…..

Shenzhen_Night (13)  night shot of the China’s pyramid.