Pasar Malam – The night market; Malaysian way

You may have seen the night market in Taiwan and now you will see the Malaysian way. Unlike in Taiwan, where the night market is held every night at the same place (for some but not all), the pasar malam in Malaysia, the vendors will move from housing area to housing area daily. Today it could be here and tomorrow will be another area but next week on the same day, they will be back. They will usually start setting up their stalls by late 4pm till about closing time around 10pm.

So coincidently, I was passing an area and there was a pasar malam. It has been quite a while since I had visited one. This was a small one over a short stretch of street.

Vendor will lay their items on the floor.

20130109-083957 PM.jpg

Items from little household stuff to ladies accessories to fruits to street food to raw food like fish, chicken and other uncooked food.

20130109-084028 PM.jpg

Light snacks and variety of biscuits…

20130109-084058 PM.jpg
… to Chinese prayers stuff.

20130109-084115 PM.jpg

Food van selling ‘lok lok’ where the food like squid or fish ball or vegtables are skewed on to a wooden stick and the customer would choose and dip it into a common boiling pot of hot water till the food is cook and then eat along with the sauces available.

20130109-084147 PM.jpg

A Malay stall selling malay food and satay..

20130109-085037 PM.jpg

Mangosteen season….

20130109-085056 PM.jpg

Fruits… like oranges, apple, persimmon…

20130109-085128 PM.jpg


20130109-085141 PM.jpg

Anyone want chicken feet?

20130109-085155 PM.jpg

Lastly street food .. this vendor is selling fried Koay Kak.

20130109-085213 PM.jpg

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