It’s so bitter taste… but it’s good for you

Weather has not been good lately; hot then suddenly in the evening it rains nearly daily. To make it worse, staying in office for 8 hours with no fresh air but just air con air recirculating around. If someone in office is down with flu, it is sure to be generous to pass to the next person or persons.

So what the next best thing to do? Go down and have a cup of herbal tea (or bitter tea) as this tea contains more than 20 Chinese herbs which it believe not only to cool down our inner body but some say good for the skin too (mmmm that’s what they say)

20130108-092538 PM.jpg

For me, as I was just feeling a bit uncomfortable but not having any runny nose or cough, I took the standard herbal tea. If you are having flu, you can request with medicine powder added. That would make the tea even more bitter but it is good. For me, it helps me nearly all the time. 😊

20130108-092755 PM.jpg

They also sell the herbal jelly but I have not tried theirs yet but not sure whether it will be sweet or bitter.

20130108-093043 PM.jpg

Anyway,I will try to make it a point to stop by here at least once a week and have a drink to keep me body internally cool. Lol!! (literally speaking 😜)

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