Upgraded & Flew Business Class … feel so pampered. LOL!!

Yes.. you heard me right. Well… I have been traveling by planes many times but I had never been so lucky to be upgraded to the next level during my check in.. not once but 3 times if I am not mistaken.

As you may know, traveling in economy… with the seats more closer and leg space lesser (but the newer planes, it is getting better more spaciest for some airlines but not all as compared to many years back. Back then, I really hated traveling long distances). Anyway… just to share with you, this was far the best business class seat I have been upgraded to even though it was only an hours flight; Taipei to Hong Kong using Cathay Pacific Airlines but it was worth the experience. LOL!! Wish it could also cover my other connecting sector but guess that part, I wasn’t that lucky.

IMG_0138 It was a single seat with own cubicle.

IMG_0141  Loved the seat. Recline all the way down; like a bed.

IMG_0148  View from my window seat.

IMG_0154  A different set of serving….

IMG_0155 Food wise…. mmmmm maybe presentation is better. LOL!!

Like to say, thank you Cathay… can I get another few more upgrades in my next few flights if I am using you?


Taipei – The City @ Night

Going out to Taipei city at night is always interesting especially near the Taipei 101 and the shopping area near there. In fact, near that area is also the office area. So there will be lots of tourist, local and also the office staffs.

Taipei_City (1)  The office area near the Taipei 101

Taipei_City (2) Street artist performing their skills. They even have their own recording DVD for sale.

Taipei_City (3)

Taipei_City (4)  Taipei 101 – shot from below

Taipei_City (5) Looks at the crowd crossing the road….

Taipei_City (6)

Taipei_City (7)

Taipei_City (8)

Taipei_City (9) A shot from the overhead pedestrian bridge

Taipei_City (10)

Taipei is an interesting city with lots of happening.