Taipei – CKS Memorial Hall

Another place worth visting when I was in Taipei is the CKS (Chiang Kai-Shek) Memorial Hall.

When I went there on that day, it was a gloomy day and drizzling but I would not let this stop me from walking around and taking shots of the place and seeing the hive of activities that was held there. I noticed that the locals used this place for community activities during the weekends.

Taipei_CKS (1)

Taipei_CKS (2) National Concert Hall

Taipei_CKS (3)

Taipei_CKS (4)

Taipei_CKS (5)

Taipei_CKS (6) The entrance to CKS Memorial Hall

Taipei_CKS (7) CKS Memorial Hall

Taipei_CKS (8)

Taipei_CKS (9) Stairway to the CKS Memorial Hall.

Taipei_CKS (10)

Taipei_CKS (11) Memorial Hall Square. Left is the National Theater. To the right is National Concert Hall and to the back is the Memorial Hall.

Taipei_CKS (12)

Taipei_CKS (13)

Taipei_CKS (14)

Taipei_CKS (15) Short taken from National Theater

Enjoying it? More to come……

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