Taipei…. A snapshot from my viewfinder (1)

Here is snapshot of my visit to Taipei a few years ago where I had a chance to go around the city with my faithful camera. It wasn’t a nice clear sunny day but a wet, gloomy one.  Nevertheless, I managed to get most out of it. I  let you be the judge of that. Enjoy the pictures.

Taipei_1 (1) Taipei Railway Station

Taipei_1 (2)

Taipei_1 (3) Taipei City Hall MRT

Taipei_1 (4) One the way to Taipei 101…..

Taipei_1 (5) Fast enough for you?

Taipei_1 (6) A shot of the Taipei 101 Earthquake ball

Taipei_1 (7) The modern part of Taipei….

Taipei_1 (8)

Taipei_1 (9) …… they still have green in the city.

Taipei_1 (10) Cute……..

Stay tune….. more to come. =)


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