Wet Market Lebuh Cecil – Georgetown

On the way back from Georgetown Heritage Area, we dropped by a wet market. Yup… It is in late afternoon and still there are a lot of activities there; people buying vegetables, poultry and others. But my main interest was on the food section and the activities of people in the market. This is my first time there and as usual, the curious of me always makes my eyes wander for anything that is different and lol it is always the food that catches my eyes.

20121211-050429 PM.jpg
This is the main entrance of the market which is facing Lebuh Cecil.

20121211-050443 PM.jpg
Many people are still in market having their late lunch or some could be their tea time.

20121211-050453 PM.jpg
Looks kinda crowded without the tables taken up.

20121211-050503 PM.jpg
Food hawker busy preparing food for their customers.
Catch some photos of the food here at my food blog caught at this place.

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